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Price List of Flexi Muslim Package and Nexian C900 (NexBery )

Price List of Flexi Muslim Package and Nexian C900 (NexBery )

Flexi Moeslim Package Pricelist
NEXIAN C900 (Nexberry) Price 999000 Rupiah
HAIER C600 Price 649000 Rupiah
HIER C8989 Price 399000 Rupiah
ZTE S100 Price 325000 Rupiah

The following is the feature of Flexi Moeslem Package 2009:
Qur'chromatic an tajwid and Qur'an player, complete hadist Bukhori moslem with seeking feature,Foundation Iman and islam,Sirah Fiqih and muamalat, Prayer and Zikir, religious obligatory calculator,religious obligatory payment via flexi cash and infaq,Popular islam Book, , Doa-Dzikir-Tausiyah, Flexi tone other islam, wallpaper and ringtone, Islam Science Popular (serial Harun yahya),fikih and kontemporer and islam Digest Republika, Flexitone islam,Islam Novel Best Seller ,Bazaar of shop Moslem by discount from roof merchant, Info moslem activity and community, can be updated whoever, ADZAN,AlMatsurat (DZIKIR),Asmaul Khusna, Tausiyah, Ka'bah direction.

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