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iPad WiFi & 3G 16GB, 32GB and 64GB, Officially Released in Indonesia

Apple, at last, released iPad 3G and iPad Wifi in Indonesia.
Interestingly, Apple is not selling the iPad bundled with Telkomsel but directly selling through their Apple website.
In Indonesia, iPad offered with price as the following:
iPad WiFi:
16GB: Rp4,799,000
32GB: Rp5,799,000
64GB: Rp6,799,000

iPad 3G:
16GB: Rp5,999,000
32GB: Rp6,999,000
64GB: Rp7,999,000

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GVON 920 & 950 XL Advantages

GVON 920 & 950 XL Advantages

GVON 920 & 950, first time appear were about November 2009 ago. And now the both phones price are about 999,000 rupiad and 1,119,000 rupiah.
The main advantage of GVON 920 & 950 is the camera resolution which are 5 megapixel and 3 megapixel.
Here are the specification at glance of GVON 920 & 950:
GVON 920:
LCD WQ VGA, Track Ball,Dual Sim Card, Dual Camera, Camera 5 Megapixel, Video Chatting, Real Player, Java, Shaking Wallpapper, Shaking List Music, Google Map, E-Mail, Facebook, Twitter, E-buddy, YouTube, Operamini, Skype, Doc. Viewer Windows 2000, 3.5 Jack Audio, Sound Background, Magic Voice, 1000 Phonebook,T-Flash Up To 8Gg

GVON 950:
Dual SIM Card standby, Dual GSM 900/1800, Full Touchscreen,Camera 3 Mp, Tft 262.000 Color, 500 Phone Book, Video Player, Video Recorder,Voice Recorder,Fm Radio, Voice Memo, Voice Command, Build-in Handfree Speaker, Browser, Bluetooth,
T-Flash Card Slot Up to 4 gb, Java

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Beyond B71 and SPC BOSS 1000, Same phone ?

The price of Beyond B71 and SPC BOSS 1000 is relatively same about 1.35 million rupiah.
The both design looks is not much different and even the features offered are similar with its TV Analog and WiFi.
So that Beyond B71 and SPC BOSS 1000 are suspected the same handphone but served with different name.
Many parties concluded that Beyond B71 and SPC BOSS 1000 are the same phone.

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Dezzo D800 Telkomsel Price & Specification

Telkomsel and Dezzo, the local brand, offer handphone called Dezzo D800 with price about Rp.1,000,000.
Telkomsel gives special offers such as Simpati Sim Card, Free extra Battery & silicon case, Free Internet, SMS, Free Talk up to 60 minutes, Free Micro SD, Free True Ringtone.
While the specification of Dezzo D800 at glance as the following:
-Dual GSM 900/1800 Mhz
-Dimension 113.2x 59 x 12.9
-Camera 10X Zoom
-Real horizontal & QVGA Screen 2MP Camera with Flash
-Camera 2 megapixel
-MP3/MP4 player
-FM Radio
-Chatting app
-Shortcut: Facebook, Opera mini, friendster
-Support memory sampai dengan 8GB
-Warranty 12 Months

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HT A30 - XL Bundling Price Package

HT A30 - XL Bundling Price Package

The price of HT A30 XL is just 549000 rupiah.
Special bonus from XL offered free 1MB data, Free 10 minutes talk, free 10 SMS to XL users.
The specification of HT A30 XL Bundle is here:
-Network: Dual GSM On 900 / 1800Mhz
-Half Qwerty Phone, LCD 2.0 inch QCIF , 176x220, Camera VGA
-Memory : up to 16 GB
-Connection: Bluetooth A2DP, GPRS class 12
-Application : E buddy shortcut, Facebook Shortcut, Magic sound, MSN shortcut
-Features: FM Radio & Recorder
-Battery 850 mAh, Flash light, Mp3 ringtone,
-Others : Sound & Video recorder, E-Book Reader Black list / Firewall

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Price List of Flexi Muslim Package and Nexian C900 (NexBery )

Flexi Moeslim Package Pricelist
NEXIAN C900 (Nexberry) Price 999000 Rupiah
HAIER C600 Price 649000 Rupiah
HIER C8989 Price 399000 Rupiah
ZTE S100 Price 325000 Rupiah

The following is the feature of Flexi Moeslem Package 2009:
Qur'chromatic an tajwid and Qur'an player, complete hadist Bukhori moslem with seeking feature,Foundation Iman and islam,Sirah Fiqih and muamalat, Prayer and Zikir, religious obligatory calculator,religious obligatory payment via flexi cash and infaq,Popular islam Book, , Doa-Dzikir-Tausiyah, Flexi tone other islam, wallpaper and ringtone, Islam Science Popular (serial Harun yahya),fikih and kontemporer and islam Digest Republika, Flexitone islam,Islam Novel Best Seller ,Bazaar of shop Moslem by discount from roof merchant, Info moslem activity and community, can be updated whoever, ADZAN,AlMatsurat (DZIKIR),Asmaul Khusna, Tausiyah, Ka'bah direction.

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Nexian NX-G922 -Telkomsel

Nexian NX-G922 -Telkomsel

Nexian in collaboration with Telkomsel offer the NX-G922 Facebook phone.
The Nexian-Telkomsel has the main feature which is Facebook and chatting.
The other specifications of NX-G922 for instance keyboard full QWERTY, Dual On GSM, slot microSD card, Bluetooth, camera and audio/video player.
The price of NX-G922 is about 990,000 rupiah. 922

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