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iPhone 3GS Telkomsel Pre-Order

iPhone 3GS Photo/Foto
iPhone 3GS Telkomsel Pre-Order

Although Indonesia still experience Blackberry fever, iPhone still run and believe there are users that like to use iPhone product. So iPhone again collaborate with Telkomsel to sell its new 3G phone, called iPhone 3GS. The 'S' letter means 'Speed' so that the new iPhone will perform with more speed.
To boost the iPhone 3GS in Indonesia, Telkomsel as Authorized dealer of iPhone 3G in Indonesia, has opened the pre-order of iPhone 3GS through its website (here).
The price of 3G that was offered by Telkomsel has been bundled into package, but the official is not showing the price of iPhone 3GS.
The rumors say that iPhone 3GS price would be higher than the previous iPhone 3G.

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